We build, automate, and scale your outbound email sales development program

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What we do.

Configure technical recordsEnsuring your emails reach your prospect's inbox is now a technical process, requiring the proper setup of MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records in your DNS.We set this up for you from day 1.

Modern List BuildingThe days of buying a generic list off of Zoominfo and generating sales pipeline are over.The modern strategy is data-driven.We are now able to connect with specific profiles like connecting with Chief Technology Officers at startups with 100-200 employees who are actively seeking software development tools and mention "cloud solutions" on their website.Getting this granular with list building processes is critical to getting the right message to the right person.We also specialize in sales triggers, so we can send the right message to the right person at the exact time they would benefit the most from your solution.

Increase Outbound Email Volume Without Ending Up In SpamWe set up and warm up multiple domains & inboxes on your behalf.We automatically rotate inboxes during sending to dodge spam detection.Ramp up your daily outbound email volume to thousands, targeting your ideal customers with ensured high deliverability.

Data Driven EmailsGeneric emails get ignored, but manual, personalized ones don’t scale.We Leverage 100+ data sources, web scraping, and ChatGPT to craft highly personalized and dynamic messages at scale, without manual research.

Cut Your Sales Tech CostsDitch expensive, redundant yearly contracts for outdated data providers and sales tools.We integrate multiple data sources and use a waterfall approach to source the most accurate data helping you eliminate bloated sales tech contracts.

The Problem We're Solving

With the average BDR salary weighing in at $60k/year (not including commissions or payroll taxes), you’re paying $240 in salary costs per day.That’s $5 per cold email (if you're lucky they are sending 50 emails a day).We can send virtually unlimited emails per day.

ComparisonSales Development RepDo it yourselfClosed Won Leads
Cost$60,000 year base salary not including sales tech costs, commissions, and benefitsTime, effort, and focus away from executive level tasksFlat monthly fee
TimeTypically takes 3 months to fully ramp up activityNot enough time in the day2 week inbox warmup period
Output25-50 emails a day if you're luckySometimes can forgetVirtually unlimited

How we work.

Step number 1: Fill out the onboarding formAfter signing our proposal, we'll have you fill out an onboarding form so we can understand more about you and your business.

Step number 2: Schedule Kick-off CallWe will go over your onboarding form on a kick-off call with you to formulate an initial campaign strategy

Step number 3: OnboardingWe'll take all the information from the kickoff call to set up your inboxes, build your lead list, add you to your client portal, and write your campaign cadence.

Step number 4: Launch CampaignsAfter the campaign cadence and lead list have been approved by you, we will launch your campaigns.

Step number 5: Campaign IterationsYou will have access to your client portal which will have reports and you will have access to 1 on 1 support and strategy calls to continually improve the campaign performance

What is included.

  • Account Manager

  • Daily Reporting

  • Weekly KPI tracking

  • Client Portal

  • All Replies Tracked

  • All Prospects Tracked

  • Dedicated Slack Channel

  • Unlimited Outbound Campaigns

  • Lead list built

  • Campaign Messaging Written

  • Inbox setup and Management

  • AI-Powered Personalization

  • 1 on 1 support and strategy sessions

  • Meeting prep notes after a successfully booked meeting

  • Custom CRM built


Case Studies.

Digital Marketing Agency

This digital marketing agency offers a wide range of services and has a large potential market.We segmented their market based on the services they provide and their Ideal Customer Profile.This approach allowed us to create various targeted outreach messages to effectively reach their perfect customers.

Our strategy.

  • Use technographic data to determine if a company was running online ads and scrape the ad information to leverage in our outreach

  • Look at the prospect's website traffic to determine keywords and search terms they could rank for and use AI to generate targeted SEO campaign ideas

  • Utilize triggers such as new C suite hires, people leaving the company, and job postings on Linkedin

MSP selling IT services

This client wanted to run campaigns to a very specific region in the united states since they are a local MSP.They didn't want to hire, train, and build out the playbook of an in-house SDR, so they partnered with us and bought a proven system.We were able to 4x their sales pipeline of the previous quarter

Our strategy.

  • Look for companies that didn't have key IT contacts that this MSP could fill as a service provider

  • Leverage Technographic data on the prospect's website to make specific technical pitches based on their current tech stack

  • Look for leadership changes within a prospect's company that would indicate an MSP could be a good fit

Recruiting and Staffing Agency

AI recruiting turns the slow, manual, and ineffective hiring process into a fast and efficient one. The old dilemma of spending too much time on candidate research or getting poor responses from generic messages is now obsolete.With AI tools, we automatically generated hyper-personalized messages that effectively attract candidates, eliminating the need for manual effort.

Our strategy.

  • Scrape LinkedIn jobs data to reach out to jobs that are newly posted, jobs that are 30 days old, and when the job has been on LinkedIn for 60 days.

  • Leverage the job post description to pick out keywords in the messaging

Factory Software Platform

This client came to us believing that outbound email didn't work in their industry. We were tasked to handle all outbound email campaigns while their Sales Development team cold called.We drove enterprise meetings with companies over $100 million in revenue through our system.We worked in tandem with the client's Sales Development Reps to ensure proper integration within their sales org.

Our strategy.

  • Scrape the prospect's website for keywords that we then used in outreach, we were able to reference actual machinery that our prospects use on a daily basis

  • Monitoring news and mentions of our prospects on the internet for trigger based outreach

  • Leveraged Multiple different data sources to then run through AI models to determine what the prospect's goals are for the upcoming quarter and specifically how our client could help them get there.

AI Startup in Stealth Mode

This client came to us after have lack luster results running their own outbound.They were sending all of their emails from their primary domain, didn't have the technical records set up such as their SPF, DMARC, DKIM, etc.After a quick diagnosis, it was clear they were battling spam and technical issues.We quickly solved this problem by using our multi domain approach and setting up the correct technical records..By using a multi domain approach to send low volume of emails per inbox across multiple inboxes, we are able to stay out of the spam filter.

Our strategy.

  • Enriched the prospects with their linkedin profile information

  • Scraped the prospects website to find relevant keywords that are a perfect fit for our client

  • Leveraged AI to create emails that seem 1:1

  • Multi-domain approach with technical records properly set up

Our team.

Matt Herzog - CEO/Founder

I have over 3 years of experience running outbound email campaigns for over 20+ tech companies including venture-backed startups, to working at Salesforce.I also have spent time as a software engineer.I combine the two disciplines to create highly automated and scalable email campaigns that land in your prospect's inboxes, every time.